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Why YOU need a Facebook Fanpage…

There are many reasons why you need a Facebook fanpage for your business and here are just a few of them. Facebook has over 500 million active users and if you have a local business, the majority of people within your local area will have a Facebook account.  Having a fanpage is free advertising for …

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Business Goals for Using Facebook

Find us & "Like" us on Facebook

Facebook for Businesses There are a number of good reasons for businesses to participate in and maintain a presence on Facebook. Here are a few: Get found by people who are searching for your products or services Connect and engage with current and potential customers Create a community around your business Promote other content you …

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How to get Twitter followers…

One of the things we get asked the most is how to get Twitter followers. Over the years it’s been researched a number of ways to promote twitter accounts, and we  share some of these with you. Many users first start out by trying to buy Twitter followers, not realizing that this is against twitter’s …

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Social Media Spreads the news!!!

So last night, sitting in my living room watching TV, when my phone started going nuts! I started hearing Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” (getting ‘Alerts’ & ‘Notifications’ riffs) from my phone. These are notifications on my phone of messages, tweets, emails, posts, etc… that happen on my Social Media sites. Not only did I get Text …

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Social Media in YOUR business?

Where are you on Google, Facebook or other parts of the Internet?

Social media is a new way to use the internet it involves jargon such as likes, adding, tweeting, posts and commenting. It involves both listening, and talking, both being there for friends, and engaging strangers, and it all is done on a daily basis by virtually everyone that is buying your products or services on …

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Get a FREE Social Network Analysis for YOUR business…

FREE Social Network Analysis by DC Internet Marketing Technology

FREE Social Network Analysis to see where you can start marketing Your business to MILLIONS of targeted potential customers! http://www.dc-internet-marketing.com/Contact-Us.html Social Networking is the norm today. But why should you (or your business) want to get on a Social Network? Just the top 3 Social networks have over 750 million members in thier networks! Just …

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Are you LinkedIn in YOUR business?

Follow us on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business network that is meant primarily for business professionals as a place to connect with one another and market their products and services in a business to business (B2B) environment.   It’s a great way to connect and network with other business owners and people in a way that is mutually beneficial! …

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Facebook “Like” button upgrade

Facebook LIKE button

LIKE button Facebook Upgrades the “Like” Button Facebook has released an update that fundamentally changes the “Like” button’s functionality. Now clicking the button on a story page pulls up the full story with a headline, blurb, thumbnail and comment box, which can then be posted to a user’s profile wall. Do you 'LIKE' the new …

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